“How do you grow up?”

Not forgetting that you were a child.

“And what does it mean?”

It means that all adults have been children, but only a few of them remember it, and this inevitably slows the growth, intended as a constant improvement. True progress requires courage, curiosity and passion; it needs that positive unconsciousness that is unique in young minds, keen to innovate and experiment.

“That’s true: adults, like you, think too much and never risk”

Of course, but adults like me keep something precious; the knowledge gained in over 30 years of experience. While you put your soul, creativity and determination necessary to ensure that what we have never stops growing, I give you my experience, to allow you a constantly evolution through the values of your youth.

“So, I will grow as you did and I will do the things you did?”

Even more. I made my roots grow in this land, but you can broaden your horizons, bringing your ideas and my knowledge far, beyond the Peninsula and beyond Europe. You have already arrived in Australia, New Zealand and the United States, you have laid the foundations in Switzerland and every day you help companies, offering your services wherever you stopped off.

“But who doesn’t know me how could he know all these things?”

Today there is a site called www.promigroup.com, in which it is written our history, your evolution, our success stories and the news that numerous newspapers have dedicated to us, and that we have included within the “press release” section. Furthermore, the strategic allies that will accompany you in your growth and various pages listing the solutions intended for those who decide to trust you are also present. Finally, there is also a blog area, dedicated to all the users who want to know who you are, what you do and how you can add value to their business.

“And now?”

Now, don’t forget who you are!