Epson e PromiGroup

Welcome to the future of office printing

Epson Rips printers allows a significant reductions in energy consumption, followed by savings in electricity costs which are just as important. PromiGroup knows this, which is why it has chosen to supply only Rips printers for the office.


Epson e PromiGroup


Our strategic partner Epson has recently published a news listing the advantages of Epson Rips printers, accompanied by an interview with the PromiGroup CEO, Piero Antonio fretto.

For the full news on Epson’s website click here

itil v4

PromiGroup achieved the ITIL V4

PromiGroup technicians have successfully achieved ITIL V4, the world’s most recognized it service management framework for the management of workflows inside the service desk.


itil v4


Implementing ITIL v4 in your business means switching to defined and measurable processes, thus facilitating the improvement of the service at a lower cost.

In particular the last version (V4) released in the last March, allows the certified technician to get:
• more agility in service design thanks to established practices
• a better communication with colleagues and customers thanks to shared terminology
• easier to implement and control services in a changing environment
• more ability to discuss profitably with business
• a better demonstration of the value of the service by a utility measurement model

Considered the advantages listed and the increased demand of this kind of certification from the companies, it’s evident the importance to adopt an ITIL V4 qualified technical team.

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