Chained projects

The birth of the project

After the completion of an installation, it often happens to us, that a client calls us for ‘setting up a new meeting room.
In the case we will address today we have the Auditorium client,(see previous Case history), who, after touching the quality of the installed system, immediately requested us to upgrade other meeting rooms.

The request

After the inspection, our Team of product experts composed the room with the technologies that could guarantee the customer’s full satisfaction: ability to control the room via cable, wireless and Bluetooth.

The realization

Having identified the necessary products, our Technical Team set to work, mounting a motorized video camera at screen base, which was more than excellent for the required environment.
Next, cables were brought in following the conduit, which was already there, and then brought up to the table where: below was mounted the
control and above the microphone base.

The result

The customer was immediately able to appreciate the potential of the new components that replaced an old Lifesize system.
Now the client can connect with their devices in multiple ways; they can also manage the webcam and micropod and share their content on the monitor.

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