Malware attack : +62% in 2019. And it’s not the only alarming result: cyber crime leaders are producing increasingly diverse attacks.

Threats to cyber security are taking different forms. From Office documents actually malicious, to Macintosh malware.

The techniques are used, in particular, to implement data theft, often in exchange for a ransom.
ransomware or “ransom virus” are, in fact, among the most feared malware because, using sophisticated cryptographic techniques in their attacks, prevent victims from accessing
their files or their entire device, then requesting the anonymous online payment of a ransom to regain access.

Ransomware is, therefore, a much-feared threat, especially in the corporate environment, because it jeopardises the security of valuable information assets.


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Take action promptly

The technical team of PromiGroup has recently completed an important rescue action at a customer company.
In this case, thanks to the use of Veeam Backup and Replication, it was possible to implement a backup system that allowed in less than one working day the restoration of 6 servers, along with all systems and business data.

Such backups have been confined within a repository, safe from any intrusion attempt, thanks also to the proprietary security systems of Veeam.

Although the customer’s operation has been temporarily and completely blocked, thanks to the installation of Veeam Backup and Replication we have been able to avail ourselves of a rescue plan that has set up the entire IT system, returning in a short time the full and complete business operation.

Our staff has been present at the customer’s premises since the early hours after the disaster announcement and has supported IT personnel in all phases, from the detection of the origin of the virus to its elimination, up to coordination of recovery and finalisation procedures.