Kazuyoshi Yamamoto meets the CEO of PromiGroup, Piero Antonio Fretto. The visit seals the alliance between the brand and creates the development of an international agreement.

Muggiò – November 2018. Kazuyoshi Yamamoto – President EPSON Europe, Piero Antonio Fretto – CEO PromiGroup.

The last 13th of November, the president of Epson Europe, Kazuyoshi Yamamoto, visited the Italian location of PromiGroup, to discuss the important development which have seen as main character the ex Project Milano, also beyond national borders.
As a metter of a fact, the recent internationalization of the Company, which led to the birth of 3 new companies (PromiGroup Australia, PromiGroup, New Zealand, PromiGroup USA) and a Branch in Switzerland, has aroused the interest of the behemoth Epson, already a strategic partner of the Company.

The positive meeting, that took place in the Italian office of “via Figini 16, Muggiò”, laid the foundations of the next development of the partnership beyond national borders; the goal, in fact, is to expand the power of Epson also abroad, in the states where PromiGroup works.